4beauty Electric Acupuncture Machine Pen

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IN-001H wireless rechargeable electric acupuncture pen automatically find points detection,technology(NUMERICAL,SOUND,LIGHT) combined with the precise positioning of acupuncture points, adjustable frequency, output intensity 10 levels adjustment, 10 levels sensitivity adjust keep watch over. which provides needleless (NO NEEDLES) clean and painless acupuncture stimulation for secure, to strengthen blood circulation and muscle pain therapy. ACUPUNCTURE PAIN RELIEF:Applicable to Hospital, Experience shop, Beauty salon and Home use,Suitable for human wrist,foot,elbow,ankle,neck,waist,back,ear,face,shoulder,back,leg,knee,nerves,muscle pain,tennis elbow and many more acute and chronic physical pain. Also it serves as an aid to therapy for quite a lot of diseases such as frozen shoulder,arthritis and neuromuscular pain and so forth.Remedy time is one or twice a day, for massage in one acupoint or one area of skin is about 3~5 minutes. THREE ACUPUNCTURE PROBES:There are 3 pieces probes, BEAUTY probe for face only,to release the skin of face and wake up skin cents.MIDDLE SIZE probe for body, and SMALL SIZE probe for ears and head.To strengthen the blood circulation and relieve pain.It is better that there is someone know about the acupoints,to be able to use the device effectively. Phenomenon like “Electric numbness, Electrical Stimulation” of Electronic Acupuncture Pen,which is not quality problem, but its working principle. FEATURES:This laser acupuncture pen working is based on the principle of single-phase electricity, and should rely on the body’s own static electricity to make it a loop. If you let other people provide you with acupuncture Remedy, he needs to put his hand on your skin, acupuncture pen will work. If he does not hand on your skin, the energy meridian pen is still working, but you don’t feel anything.